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Mountain View Koi Fish & Nursery LLC
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Fish, Pond Supplies, Nursery & Aquatic Plants, Firewood & Wood Pellets

Two great business’s, one location! Pioneer Firewood established in 1981 “Serving Southern Arizona Since 1981!” Mountain View Koi Fish & Nursery, L.L.C. established in 1996 “The Water Pond Specialists” Owners, Curt and Lisa Ogren, have the knowledge, and quality customer service to help make your yard beautiful!
We have an awesome nursery filled with a variety of plants. Native plants, low water use plants, & cactus for our desert landscaping. Shade trees, fruit trees and shrubs for a more green yard, and over 65 varieties of aquatic plants – water lily’s reeds, grass’s and other flowering marginal plants for the water garden/ponds!
We strive to keep your fish healthy and happy with great fish food, water testing, and dependable filtration systems.

We stock a variety of standard koi, butterfly koi, common goldfish, Shurbunkin goldfish, Sarrasa fantail goldfish and more!
We have a huge line of pond supplies from great companies, also our own biological filters that are inexpensive and do a great job that we stand behind!
Whether you are going camping, staying home by the fire pit or indoors by the fireplace or wood stove we have firewood and wood pellets for all occasions. Stop by and pick up the amount you need or sit back and give us a call and we’ll deliver!

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Contact Mountain View Koi Fish & Nursery, L.L.C. for more information or to place an order call 520-378-3710. We will answer your call 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Tuesday through Saturday. Email us at or facebook and we will respond in 24 to 48 hours Business Hours 9-5 Tuesday through Saturday.We are just 90 minutes from Tucson and we are worth the drive!